Terms of use

Read this agreement carefully.

This is an agreement between DDS (The Daylight Dreamer Society) and users of the services provided by DDS. By using and/ or accessing the website DaylightDreamerSociety.com provided by DDS you automatically agree with the terms mentioned in this agreement. For the use of additional or other services provided by DDS additional terms may apply. These terms may be changed from time to time.

1. Accounts

1.1: Ownership: All accounts are owned by DDS, the content is owned by the user.

1.2: Ending/ Deleting: To end the use of the site and delete your account either contact us or stop using the service. In cases of violation of the terms of this agreement DDS is entitled to delete your account together with all the posted content. See: Use of Services 3.3.

2. Accountability

2.1: Damage: The use of the site www.DaylightDreamerSociety.com is at your own risk. DDS cannot be held responsible for any harm or damage leading from using the site; neither can DDS be held responsible for damage resulting from loss of data or inability to access the site.

2.2: Passwords: You as a user are solely responsible for keeping your password private. DDS cannot be held accountable for damage resulting from lost/ leaked passwords.

2.3: Posted material: The user is fully responsible for the content of his/her posts. DDS is not accountable for the content posted by users on the site. When either international laws or terms from this agreement are broken the sole liability lies with the user. DDS will undertake action by blocking and/or deleting the content of the account on charge of (inter)national law.

3. Use of services

3.1: Rules: DDS.com is a site to help you get the best out of yourself. To get the most out of the site we like to keep it clean. Under no circumstances will we tolerate the following:
- Discrimination and/or hate inciting content
- Adult content or links
- Spamming
- Encouraging destructive behavior
- Attacks on the site or anything close to sabotaging the site

3.2: Comments: Ideas are a free target for criticism, no exceptions. We encourage skeptical criticism of ideas but we also like to encourage you to keep it civilized and constructive.

3.3: Enforcement: When the rules or any other terms of this agreement are broken DDS may either, block access to the account for a limited time, delete the account or ban the user altogether from the site. An e-mail will be sent to explain the situation and consequences. All decisions are final.

4. Privacy

4.1: Contact information: DDS will not share your contact information with third parties without first asking you for your consent.

4.2: Posted material: Lists and notes posted as private are only visible for you. Publicly shared lists and notes are visible for all users.